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The Legend of Tarzan

Tarzan (2013) ทาร์ซาน

The Legend of Tarzan

The Legend of Tarzan The Congo Basin was claimed by the King Leopold II of Belgium during the Berlin Conference 1884-1885. Leopold is now in debt due to the exploitation of the Congo Free State’s resources. Leopold sends his representative Leon Roma to obtain the renowned diamonds from Opar. Chief Mbonga is the leader of the warriors who kill Rom’s group and offers the diamonds to Rom in exchange in exchange for Tarzan.

The Earl of Greystoke is the man that was called “Tarzan”. The Rt Hon. John Clayton, the Earl of Greystoke has left Africa to take over his ancestral home in the British Isles. Jane, his American wife has accepted an invitation from Leopold to visit Bomain the Democratic Republic of Congo. Leopold proposes to Lord Greystoke the opportunity to visit Boma. An American envoy George Washington Williams and the Prime Minister inform Greystoke that Leopold has fallen behind on his loans , and the visit of Greystoke who’s adventures as Tarzan have made him famous and influenced the world, will ensure that Britain’s influence is maintained in the Congo. Greystoke declines. John Greystoke is convinced by George to inform him of his fears that Leopold has been enslaving the Congolese people. A flashback illustrates John the demise of his parents as well as the adoption of the great apes, the Mangani. Jane is able to tell children who visit Greystoke the story of. John is fighting with Jane is able to recall a memory to when he was just five years old and playing in the treehouse with his Ape foster mother and foster brother Akut. Then, Alpha Male Kerchak pursues him.

John, Jane and George go together to Congo. They stay clear of Rom and Mr. Frum the corrupt financier. Jane describes to George about her time with Mangani, and how she came across his first time. Rom and his men capture the villager hostage, kill chief Muviro and then use Wasimbu and others as porters. George saves John. Jane and the villager held captive by Rom’s steamship, however, are saved by Rom. Rom informs Jane that he had made arrangements for John’s request to Leopold to have him taken to Mbonga. John, George and the remaining village warriors are taken the control of a train which was transporting Belgian soldiers, as and slaves Congolese. Leopold has endorsed Rom’s plan to take over the government of Congo. Rom, who employed slave labor to construct forts throughout the region, is linked by railroads and river transport to allow for a 20,000-strong army soldiers to be arriving soon. Rom will require the diamonds from Opar to fund the army, since Leopold is insolvent.

John and George discover documents that reveal Leopold and then leave the evidence to Kuba warriors. They save slaves to take to Boma and then continue on to Mangani territory. John is required to stand up against his brother who is foster Akut who is the chief of the Apes. John is defeated, but George and he get permitted to go on their way. Jane and Wasimbu escape the steamship and head for the jungle. Jane dispatches Wasimbu to gather the tribes. She is aware that Rom’s men will be following. Jane encounters the Mangani, and Rom’s men burn the Apes. John arrives and rescues Mangani survivors. Rom pursues Jane, who later takes Jane to the tribe of Mbonga. John killed Mbonga’s son a few years ago, for murdering John’s foster mother, Kala. John is victorious, but Mbonga is saved by the chief. George and Mangani appear and John convinces Mbonga Rom is their common foe.

Rom is the one who takes Jane as a slave, and she is set to be sold as slave, and the diamonds are taken to Boma in the Boma region, where the mercenary army is advancing towards the shore. John and George are the leaders of a stampede of wildebeest in the town, chasing Rom’s men. The Kuba warriors board the train to liberate their families. John saves Jane and then is accompanied by Rom as he gets ready to hand over Frum and his mercenaries the diamonds. Williams sinks Rom’s steamship however, Rom is strangled by John by using his Rosary. John makes an omen call to summon crocodiles, and then is able to free himself. Rom is then eaten by the Crocodiles. Frum and his mercenaries depart. George is returned to London and presents Leopold an open letter that exposes the sexism and cruelty of the Congolese people. Jane and John relocate to Africa at the home of Jane’s father after a year. John and Jane are celebrating the birth of their son and John returns to Tarzan as one of the most amazing Apes on the planet.


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